The Art of Wood Turning

I titled this piece, the art of wood turning because it is an art, although perhaps not conventional, and creates some absolutely beautiful pieces. Wood turning is different than most types of wood working as instead of moving a tool over the wood to shape it the wood is moving while the tool (a lathe), is stationary.

When I was in Alaska a few years ago I visited a shop in Fairbanks that turned salad bowl sets, among other things, The Great Alaskan Bowl Company, and while utilitarian, they also are a piece of art in their own right, each being different from the other as they are cut from separate pieces of Alaskan Birch.
birchbowlThe following pieces however were primarily created as art. Absolutely beautiful stuff.

 'Portal to the Heart' by Rob Wallace

‘Portal to the Heart’ by Rob Wallace

'Tetramerous Tempest by Rob Wallace

‘Tetramerous Tempest by Rob Wallace

I think these are some absolutely stunning examples of the art of wood turning. I would love to have one or two of these pieces, but as is usually the case with art, they come dearly. What do you think of these? We’d love to know.

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